YOUR CONSULTANT IS Kimberly Derryberry

My Story

Hi Here is just a little note about me and  Why I LOVE SCENTSY SO MUCH!!!!! Hi my Name is Kimberly Derryberry, I am an Independent Star Scentsy Consultant and live in Layton, UT.  I have been married to my AMAZING & SUPPORTIVE husband for 15yrs. We have 7 children and 6 grandchildren!! My Amazing Scentsy journey began in Feb. 2011. I had been thinking about selling Scentsy off and on for over a year. Then one day I was talking to my daughter about it! It's a funny story cuz she was talking with a sweet friend/neighbor about Scentsy!! Long story short. . .  My Daughter joined/signed up under her sweet friend :) and then I joined/signed up under my Daughter!! My Daughter is now my Director!!   I originally signed up just to "support my habit" haha. It has turned into such a BLESSING!!!! SCENTSY has giving me a PURPOSE & MOTIVATES me DAILY!!!!!! I Really Enjoy Fundraisers! & Giving Back!!! I would Love to have you on my team and watch Scentsy Bless your life! as it has mine!!! Thank You for letting me share some of my Scentsy journey thus far with you!!  PLEASE don’t be afraid to contact me to ask questions!!!  That’s what I’m here for!!!  J I’m Here for YOU!!!!!!  Don't forget to "LIKE" my Facebook page! Your Friend, Kimberly Derryberry    801-678-0618  <!--endbody-->